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The register

The site Systemic Movement aims to connect people, directing and assisting in the expansion of systemic movement as a way to improve human development.


Within the opportunities brought by the Systemic Movement website, we decided to create a register for the constellators / facilitators and systemic mediators, so that the site can serve as a research resource for those looking for professionals with solid training within the Brazilian territory.


In order for us to deliver serious content with the utmost truth and quality, certain requirements must be met.


We emphasize that the link of this Register with the Constellators / Facilitators and Systemic Mediators is merely consultation, making it possible to access curricula and materials attached to the professional record, and it is not the responsibility of this site to ensure the quality of service provided, as this is the responsibility between the agreed parts.


By registering on our Constellation Portal, you declare the truth of the data entered, as well as the documents submitted, under the penalties of the law in force.

Clarified these questions, let's go to the registration requirements:

1- For Constellators / Facilitator:

In order for the Constellation / Facilitator to be able to register in our registration, he / she must prove that he / she has attended training courses totaling at least 200 (two hundred) class hours in family and / or organizational constellation, with the submission of the respective scanned diplomas, which will be analyzed. by our technical team, subject to approval.

2- For Systemic Mediators

In the case of Systemic Mediator, it is necessary to prove that he has training in mediation and family or organizational constellation. In this case the training in Mediation must be complete, including the internship phase. Regarding the constellation follow the rules of registration of the constellators / facilitators above. The required documents must be submitted and scanned and will be subject to technical analysis of the site.

3- It is also necessary to join a brief curriculum with the area of ​​expertise, professional experience should have a maximum of 50 lines.

By submitting your photo, and approved the application submitted, you authorize its publication with your registration on the Systemic Movement website.


Below is a form for you to submit your information, which will follow along with the documents and curriculum vitae submitted for review by our team and, if approved, you will receive a data validation email and it will be posted to others. find you.


Only applications that meet all the requirements, documents and mini curriculum will be analyzed, according to our newsletter.

To have your constellation registration published on our site, we offer two plans: 

Availability for 01 year - value of R $ 50,00

Availability for 02 years - value of R $ 80,00


If you meet the above requirements, click here and register.


If you have any questions or even technical difficulties, our telephone number +55 65 99981-0573, which is also whatsApp, is available.